Bad Performance Practice (2016)

Bad Performance Practice (BPP) is an ongoing investigation of bad performance practices in dance, theatre, art, circus, spoken word, puppetry, mime, sculpture, visual art, video art and sport. 

BPP was first initiated at ImpulsTanz Festival (Vienna) and continued at PAF Performing Arts Forum (France) with Mira Hirtz (GER), Carima Nasseur (SWE), Cam McLachlan (AUS), Viola Lukus (HUN) and Blake Victor (USA). This collaboration continues through conversation over Skype and email.

By creating and presenting work under the guise of bad performance, both the artist and the audience are asked to reveal what constitutes good dance and re-asses the knowledge and critique that sits behind what bad. Re-thinking and re-seeing dance using this framework may help to consider what cultural, political and contemporary artistic tropes we are stuck in and/or value and why.

Once the audience knows the work is a bad performance, they are free to experiment as bad audience members.  If being ‘bad’ allows a freedom for not only the artist, but the role of an audience member, I am interested to see how the inevitable interactive nature of bad performance could push dance and choreography into uncharted territory.