BUNKER (2015)

BUNKER (30 minutes) is a collaboration with Lilian Steiner performed at Good Time Studios, Melbourne. 

Initially motivated by the relationship between man-made objects and nature, BUNKER is a retreat from and reaction to material severity within the organic.  It is a place of duality and physical deliberation of the linguistically unresolvable. A live conversation between two artists is produced as they negotiate a purposefully imposed intimate distance. 

Choreography and performance: Lilian Steiner and Leah Landau
Costume design: Andrew Treloar
Outside eye: Philipa Rothfield

BUNKER was nominated for Best Design (Spatial Design) at Green Room Awards, and Lilian Steiner for Best Female Dancer. 

Places Magazine,  Nithya Iyer
Sydney Morning Herald, Jordan Beth Vincent

Photography by Lauren Dunn