Dance Speaks

Dance Speaks

An important part of my practice is being part of a dance community. This often occurs is having conversations with my peers about each other’s work, shows that we’ve seen, current politics, what we’re reading, writing, thinking, excited by, doing or not doing in the studio, what we’re avoiding. This interaction is powerful and directive. It helps to pull information out from its hiding place, re-look and reformulate it. My peers invite me to reconsider dance yet again. It can be informal and social. It is about care and support. It is about critical watching, speaking and listening.

Dance Speaks is a way to heighten this interaction. Since 2013 Dance Speaks (a collaboration between Chloe Chignell, Jessica Devereaux, Tom Gittings and myself) have invited my peers (emerging and established) to present the nature of their practice in front of an audience, or find multiple articulations of it. The general public is invited.

Dance Speaks artists                                

2013                                                      2014                                         2015                                          2016
Phillip Adams                                        Shian Law                                 Luke George                             Bhenji Ra
Shelley Lasica                                       Jo Lloyd                                    Rebecca Jensen                       Rhiannon Newton
Becky Hilton and La Iagrima                 Deanne Butterworth                 Tim Darbyshire             
                                                              Nebahat Erpolat                        Leah Landau                             Venue:
Venue: LOOP Bar                                  Brooke Stamp                           Lucy Guerin                               PACT centre for emerging artists
                                                              Sandra Parker                           Melanie Lane             
                                                              Antony Hamilton                       
                                                              Lee Serle                                    Venues:
                                                              Yumi Umiumare                          West Space
                                                               Fiona Bryant                              Gertrude Contemporary
                                                               Mariaa Randall                           Chunky Move
                                                               Prue Lang
                                                               Zoe Scoglio

                                                                LOOP Bar
                                                                West Space
                                                                Fort Delta



Lauren Dunn, artdocumentation
Matt Cornell
Ben Landau

Dance Speaks was generously supported by City of Melbourne in 2015.